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Northland Eco Mow


Our Story

Northland Eco Mow is the first zero emission, low-noise lawn care service in Northeastern Minnesota.  We proudly offer our zero-emission service to residential, commercial, and governmental entity customers.  Northland Eco Mow is known for its eco-friendly, quality lawn care that our clients in the Duluth Area appreciate and trust. From sprawling lawns to commercial spaces, we approach every project with care and attention to detail. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients and getting to know them and their personal style so that we can best bring their vision to life.  Northland Eco Mow is the DBA of Veteran Lawn and Landscape LLC, a state of Minnesota recognized Veteran-owned Small Business (VOSB), 

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Our Services

We are..... Zero Emission

Zero-emission lawn care that allows you to have your lawn taken care of while not assaulting your customers and staff with toxic exhaust fumes coming from the standard gas-powered commericial mowers you have used in the past. 

We are..... Low-Noise

Our lithium-powered commercial mowers operate at about half of the decibel levels of the standard gas-powered commercial mowers you have used in the past.  Imagine being able to still talk to your customers or use the phone in your office when the mowing is being done outside.  With our service, this is reality. 

We are.....  making a difference

According to the EPA, a gas-powered commercial mower emits the amount of CO2 into the atmosphere equal to 11 cars. that's right- 11. With our services, you are making a difference. 

25 Flynn Street, Esko, MN 55733


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