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About Northland Eco Mow

The Story Behind Our Lawn Care Service

Northland Eco Mow is the d/b/a of Veteran Lawn and Landscape LLC.  Both entities were formed in early 2021 by a recent military retiree.  We are building a team of lawn care and landscaping professionals, here to assist with your residential or commercial needs. Despite being new to the lawn care community, we are set apart by our commitment to zero-emission, low-noise lawn mowing services.  By choosing Northland Eco Mow you can have your yard cared for, while making a difference, and still hear what is going on around you.  Half the noise and zero toxic fumes at the same prices as our competitors.      

According to the EPA, a gas-powered mower operated for one hour emits the same level of emissions and VOC's as 11 cars operated for that same hour. Lawn mowers and garden equipment account for 5% of the nation's total air pollution annually(1). Northland Eco Mow eliminates that pollution while operating at half the decibel levels of gas-powered mowers. Creating and maintaining beautiful landscaping is what we do best, and always done with our signature touch.

(1) Cleaner Air: Mowing Emissions and Clean Air Alternatives. A Fact Sheet (

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